Does the student have to be UNITED methodist to apply?

No.  A student need not be United Methodist to apply. The internship is intended for any young adult who is discerning a call to full time ministry. But be advised that all ministry sites will be in United Methodist churches, so Wesleyan theology and United Methodist traditions will be taught and experienced by the intern. 


is there an age limit to the internship?

Yes. The intern must have finished his or her freshman year on campus in order to qualify for the internship; he or she must be at least 19 years old and no older than 35. 


Is the internship full time?

Yes. The internship is a paid, full-time job for the summer, and the intern will be considered full-time staff at the host site. The commitment for the summer is to the church, and that includes Sunday worship services and other crucial ministry events that are outside of the normal work schedule. If the intern wants to take a summer trip, that is up to the intern and mentor's discretion as that will go above and beyond the capacity of 40 hours. 


as an intern, do I have to move to Minnesota for the summer?

Yes.  This program is through the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and all host sites will be in Minnesota. Interns are in charge of travel arrangements to get to Minnesota for the summer, but housing may be provided by the church or organization.  That is arranged on a case-by-case basis. 

What is ELI 2.0?

ELI 2.0 is an expansion of the conference’s college internship program that is specifically designed for returning ELI interns to explore ministry in a new way. Whereas first-year ELI interns spend two months taking a deep dive within a single host congregation and gain experience planning worship, preaching, and providing pastoral care, ELI 2.0 interns gain a wider perspective of ministry and take on an enhanced leadership role.

The role of an ELI 2.0 includes leading weekly reflection time and helping to plan both the orientation and wrap-up retreat. Additionally, they will attend worship at six to eight different churches, participate in a social justice or community engagement project of their choosing, and have regular contact with both a clergy mentor and the ELI Project coordinator.

Who Pays the Intern?

The host church is responsible for enrolling the intern on the church's staff payroll as a non-exempt employee that has a fixed salary of $3,000 for the summer (before tax). The host church budgets $1,000 for the intern, and The ELI Project will grant the churches the remaining $2,000 before the internship begins. 


Do I have to be ordained clergy to apply for an intern?

No. But an ordained clergy person must supervise and take responsibility for the intern and is expected to have regular meetings with the intern. For example, if the intern is passionate about youth or music ministry yet the director is not ordained clergy, the intern could spend the majority of his or her time with the director but will need to have scheduled meetings with the clergy supervisor.  Keep in mind that your district superintendent must recommend your church for an intern.


Does this internship apply to seminary students?

At this time, The ELI Project internship is not open to those who are already enrolled in seminary. If you are interested in interning at a United Methodist church as a seminary student, please contact Jody Thone with your request.